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Security Guard Service


Diverse industries need qualified security guards to defend against attacks, vandalism, disturbances, robberies, and other illegal actions involving people, animals, things, and property. Top Security companies in UAE guards perform their essential duties by working alone or as part of a security team, frequently for extended periods of time, and in sometimes stressful and hazardous conditions. You can assess whether a career in the security profession is right for you by being familiar with what a security guard performs. We can find out about the duties and responsibilities of a security guard security services in this article, as well as the qualifications needed to apply.

Benefits Of Security Guards In UAE

While tough, security guard work is also incredibly rewarding. You receive a competitive wage as a security guard, too. It will help you perform your work if you acquire sufficient training. Your wage and perks will always be in accordance with government regulations because the industry is now very tightly regulated. Furthermore, the parity of these will be verified frequently. A member of the national defense is also a security guard. Consequently, being able to aid in safety and security is something to be proud of. The positions are also gratifying and safe to pursue if you apply for them through a reputable security guard recruitment service. 

Duty And Responsibilities

A security guard keeps an eye on their customers and their customers’ belongings and guards against risks including assault attempts and violence threats. The duties and responsibilities of a security guard vary depending on the type of work assigned to them; for example, they may be assigned to patrol a certain area for the duration of their shift or they may be asked to increase the security of their clients by keeping an eye out for potential criminal activity on their properties. When persons and valuables are being transported or during events, a security guard can provide protection. In order to improve overall safety and security, they may or may not carry guns for protection and may put up security cameras, alarms, and controlled access technology on the property.

These are some examples of the tasks and obligations of security guards:

  • serving as a deterrent-capable, visible authoritarian figure
  • Application of trespassing-related laws and rules
  • policing busy locations and keeping an eye on everyone who enters
  • the act of verifying visitors’ identities, providing passes to them, or both
  • running the security checks at the metal detectors and the bag check
  • prohibiting photography and entry to prohibited locations
  • carrying out regular inspections in the areas they are defending
  • during maintenance and crises, securing particular sections
  • video monitors for security cameras used for activity surveillance.
  • maintaining vigilance and awareness, noticing suspicious activity, and reporting it
  • identifying dangers and putting precautions in place to counter them
  • handling emergencies
  • joining firemen and police in rescue efforts
  • identifying and holding potential suspects who are dangerous or criminal
  • bringing the criminal incidents to the attention of the police
  • Informing people of the required safety measures.

Education Qualifications For Security Guard In UAE

A formal education up to Class 8, Class 10, or higher from a recognised board and the capacity to read, write, and speak the local language are the minimum requirements for a security guard. A vocational training center, a security training center, or an army boot camp must have provided the security guard with their training. It may be necessary for some security guards to be skilled in martial arts and firearm handling.

Security officers can get supervisory or senior positions in the security business provided they have extensive educational credentials, training, and experience. With their knowledge, they might establish their own independent security firms.

What Certification Does A Security Guard Service Need?

The minimal criteria for a security guard include the ability to read, write, and speak the local language as well as formal education up to Class 8, Class 10, or higher from a recognised board. The security guard must have received their training in an army boot camp, a security training facility, or a vocational training facility. Some security guards might need to be proficient with firearms and martial arts.

If a security officer has considerable educational credentials, training, and experience, they can obtain senior or supervisory jobs in the security industry. They might start their own independent security companies using their knowledge.

Training required for security guard

Security training programmes are mandated by the PSARA guidelines to provide instruction in security guard fundamentals such security law, criminal law, public behavior, physical security, physical access, IED handling. Besides firefighting, trainees may also study how to utilize various kinds of fire extinguishers and hydrants in real-world situations as well as how to conduct surveillance and use CCTV and other security tools. Police job, gun safety, and leadership and management training may all be study topics.

Skills required

A security guard must be physically healthy, mature in outlook, and possess a variety of abilities, which they can learn through rigorous training or on-the-job experience. These abilities consist of:

Thinking logically and remaining calm under pressure are essential for a security guard as they must develop solutions to safeguard their clients’ and their assets’ safety.

Communication abilities: These are necessary for exchanging information vocally or in writing in routine, stressful, or hazardous situations with people you don’t know as well as with groups you do, as well as with emergency services.

Technical abilities: Security guards must be able to operate laptops, telephones, two-way radios, two-way radio repeaters, security equipment, and security technology.

Security guards must have the ability to recognise and evaluate challenging circumstances and come up with acceptable, workable solutions. 

Wrapping Up

In any Neighbourhood, whether commercial or residential, security is a crucial factor. Having the best security personnel in place will not only protect you and your belongings but also give you peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on your key tasks. To become more efficient and effective, these guards must receive the right training.

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