5 Quick Tips to Beat Minecraft

5 Quick Tips to Beat Minecraft


Having no idea on what to do next while you play minecraft can be the most boring part after you spent countless hours mining, surviving, fighting, and building. With this article, we help you beat minecraft free!

  • Gather the necessary supplies.
    • Stockpile supplies.
    • Mine Ores. You will have to find at least 5 diamonds, 64 iron, and several stacks of coal. Seven diamonds will create a sword, a pickaxe, and enchantment table and even more if you want an armor.
    • Craft tools and armors. To craft your tools and armors, you need to find at least 1 diamond sword, 1 diamond pick, 1 full set of iron armor, a bow, arrows, and several stacks of torches.
    • Mine Obsidian. A nether portal needs a mine obsidian on the game. Only diamond picks can mine obsidian.
    • Gather ender pearls. Killing the endermen can give you the ender pearls your need to gather. Ender pearls have several uses such as teleportation (right click the selected enderpearl to teleport to its landing site) and eye of ender ingredient. Make sure to gather at least 20 of them.
    • Craft eyes of ender. By combining the blaze powder and an ender pearl in the crafting grid can craft the eye of ender. This will help you locate and unlock the endgame.
  • Make use of nether portals.
    • Build and light a nether portal. At least ten obsidian blocks can create a nether portal. To create a nether portal – make a hollow standing rectangle, 5 blocks high and 4 blocks long, fill the inside with flint and steel. You will notice the inner space turning purple in color and start to make interesting sounds.
    • Enter the nether.
    • Find a nether fortress.
    • Gather nether wart by killing blazes.
    • Craft a brewing stand. This lets you brew potions to help you during the final boss fight.
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  • Locate a stronghold.
    • Throw an eye of ender. A stronghold is a very rare underground structure, throwing an eye of ender will help you move in to its direction.
    • Repeat the previous step until you locate the stronghold on the game.
    • To find the stronghold, you might need to excavate.
    • Secure the area. Since the stronghold is full of mobs, you will have to clear it out and light it up.
  • Enter the end.
    • Locate an end portal. A stronghold has exactly one end portal. Locating it will get you to the end.
    • Activate the portal. Fill the frame with eyes of ender to activate the portal, all twelve (12) blocks must contain the eyes.
    • Jump into the portal.
  • Fight the dragon!
    • Get ready to fight with the boss, the dragon. The dragon is callen an Ender Dragon. Watch out for endermen as they spawn a lot in this match.
    • Locate the dragon. Take time to prepare by sorting your inventory, if you happen to spawn underground, dig your way out.
    • Destroy the ender crystals.
    • Kill the dragon. Make use of your sword, bow and arrows, or explosive items to kill the end boss.
    • Jump into the exit portal.
    • Beat the game!

            With these tips, you have now beaten the minecraft. Continue to explore the game more, enjoy and click for more info!

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