A Comprehensive Guide on Becoming a YouTube Vlogger

A Comprehensive Guide on Becoming a YouTube Vlogger


In the last fifteen years, YouTube has grown to become a powerhouse for all content creators. Gone are the days when you would find “cute cat clips” and “funny fail compilations” on YouTube. Today, there are thousands of creators who share their daily life on YouTube in the form of vlogs and make thousands of dollars.  

For people who don’t know, vlogging is a niche where you simply compile a 5-6 minutes video by adding snippets from your personal life. Today, vlogging has become one of the most popular niche on YouTube, which has encouraged many youngsters to start their own vlogging channel as well. 

But, like every other niche, even vlogging requires planning and an effective strategy. You can’t simply expect to make random videos and grow your channel. If you want to get instant YouTube subscribers and become one of the top vloggers, it’ll be imperative to build a dedicated strategy. 

So, in this guide, we’re going to walk you through the best tips and tricks to start and grow a vlogging channel on YouTube.  

Find Your Niche and Understand Your Audience

Vlogging is a diverse niche and there are different types of vloggers. Some people choose lifestyle vlogging whereas other prefer travel vlogging. The former emphasizes on sharing snippets from your daily life and the latter focuses on creating short travel. 

So, before creating a vlogging channel, make sure choose a specific vlogging niche. Once you know your niche, it’ll become much easier to understand your target audience and plan your content accordingly. 

Be Different

It’s one thing to be inspired by your favrotie Vlogger, but it’s not a wise strategy to copy their style. You should always create your own style if you want to get YouTube subscribers and build a decent viewership. When you have your own personality on YouTube, your videos will automatically stand out and thereby attract viewers. 

In saying that, however, you should never stop watching the top vloggers. This will help you acquire tips that’ll make it easier to understand what type of content is trending at the moment. 

Understand YouTube’s Algorithm

As a content creator, the sooner you’ll familiarize yourself with YouTube’s algorithm, the easier it’ll become to grow your channel. YouTube follows a dedicated algorithm while ranking videos in the search results. If your videos have strong titles and user-friendly thumbnails, they’ll automatically rank higher in YouTube searches. 

You should also optimize your videos for search results by adding target keywords. Like Google, YouTube also works like a search engine and adding keywords to your videos’ titles will help your videos climb the ladder in YouTube search results. 

Encourage People to Subscribe to Your Channel

Starting from the first video, you should focus on interacting with the viewers. It doesn’t matter if you are a lifestyle or a travel vlogger, interacting with viewers throughout the video will keep them hooked. 

You can start this by asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel. This will give you the initial confidence boost and also help you get YouTube subscribers easily. Once you have started to get comfortable, you can get more creative and make your videos more interactive. 

Buy YouTube Subscribers

Even though it may sound a bit surprising, it’s also a great strategy to buy YouTube subscribers, especially if you’ve just started publishing videos. Getting the desired exposure during the first few months is the most challenging phase in a Vlogger’s life. But, you can make this journey less frustrating by buying YouTube subscribers. 

When you’ll buy YouTube subscribers, you’ll be able to focus on your content with a free mind. Also, this will help you complete the 1k subscriber count within a few weeks/months and start your YouTube monetization program. 

The Bottom Line

Starting a vlogging channel on YouTube is not as challenging as you may think. You don’t need any fancy camera equipment to create vlogs. Some people even shoot their vlogs using their smartphone’s camera. However, with the above-mentioned tricks, it’ll become quite easier to grow your channel and get YouTube subscribers. So, start building a dedicated plan for your videos and start creating content as soon as possible. 

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