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For cinephiles who crave the thrill of solving puzzles and uncovering hidden truths, the world of South Indian cinema offers a plethora of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. South movies have carved a niche in the mystery genre and in this article, we will explore some of the best movies created by South Indian filmmakers. Here are 5 top South movies that are worth adding to your watchlist if you love a good mystery.

1. Karthikeya 2

This Telugu thriller takes you on a journey, blending mystery and mythology to create an immersive cinematic experience. The film, starring Nikhil Siddhartha in the lead role, unfolds a narrative that intertwines ancient secrets with modern-day enigmas. As the protagonist delves into the mysteries surrounding a temple, the plot thickens, weaving a web of suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its combination of mythology, suspense, and unexpected twists, Karthikeya 2 stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of mystery films in South Indian cinema.

2. CBI 5

The CBI series has long been a favorite among mystery enthusiasts, and CBI 5 continues the legacy of captivating storytelling and intricate investigations. Starring Mammootty as Sethurama Iyer, a sharp and astute CBI officer, the film revolves around complex criminal cases that demand his attention. The narrative unfolds with a meticulous approach to solving mysteries, incorporating elements of suspense, drama, and intellect. CBI 5 maintains the high standards set by its predecessors, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate the art of unraveling intricate puzzles.

3. Kolai

Kolai delves into the dark and intense realm of crime and mystery, that explores the complexities of human nature. The film follows the investigation of a heinous crime, weaving together the lives of the characters involved in unexpected ways. As the plot unravels, you will be taken on a suspenseful journey, piecing together the puzzle of the crime. Kolai stands out for its atmospheric storytelling and the portrayal of human emotions in the face of adversity, making it a compelling choice for mystery aficionados.

4. Naane Varevean

This Tamil horror thriller revolves around Prabhu, whose tranquil existence is abruptly disrupted as the shadows of his past reemerge, sparking an intense conflict between the forces of good and evil. The thrills are heightened by the psychological depth of the story, this showcases the prowess of South Indian cinema in crafting a sinister plot that keeps you intrigued until the very end. You can watch Naane Varevean on ZEE5 Global and check more similar thriller movies on the platform.

5. Kutti Sathan

Kutti Sathan creates an atmospheric and eerie story that will give you the chills. The story is about an intoxicated man, who walks on a lonely road in the middle of the night. Suddenly, a strange man approaches him and what happens next forms the crux of the story. With its blend of the supernatural and thrilling plot, Kutti Sathan offers a unique take on the genre, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. You can watch this Tamil mystery thriller on ZEE5 Global.

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