Can You Use Volatility as SEO Opportunity?



Volatility wears many hats and takes many distinct forms. The fact is that the relevance of various search results and the purpose of searchers are continually changing and they are evolving at a breakneck pace.

You will notice fluctuation in the graphs indicating a search combined with your position of the page over time if you keep an eye on the data. In other words, the chart will not have a straight line.

This demonstrates how search results are changing and evolving. Therefore, can you see any opportunity in your SEO Sydney ? You may seek advice from Australian Internet Advertising and change your strategy under different situations.

If your organic traffic decreased

Adopt the following strategy if your organic traffic is decreased

1. Identify whether any single page or all your pages are showing a decrease in traffic.

Even if it was just a few, you must try to optimize those pages. Look for any opportunities where you might have already missed before.

2. Consider refreshing your website and start with an SEO audit.

It is now the right time for looking at those quick wins technically.

3. Identify those pages that are giving the most leads

Learn from all those pages and apply what you have learned to other pages to maximise the traffic that you are still getting.

4. If you have stopped doing SEO then now is the proper time to revisit all those plans

Take advantage of this opportunity to consider organic search as a revenue-generating channel with enormous potential.

Build your business as an authority of your niche field

Based on keyword analysis, create a content marketing strategy. You can use keyword research to find out what problems individuals are trying to address and what questions they are asking on Google. In your material, respond to those queries.

If your organic traffic increased

Has your traffic increased? If yes, then do the following:

1. Find and analyse your top traffic pages

What are the sources of traffic (countries, keywords)? Could you improve the material to increase traffic? Are you able to use such terms in sponsored search campaigns as well?

2. Make the most of your extra traffic

To make the most of your increased traffic, improve conversion rates for high-traffic sites by A/B testing different layouts and call-to-actions to optimise for conversions.

3. Do not sit on your success despite the traffic increase

You must find fresh strategies to increase the amount of traffic to your website. Investigate why traffic has increased. Was it a result of seasonal tendencies, higher ranks, or something else entirely? Consider expanding your material to include user intent in relation to your findings.

4. Ensure your leadership team also sees the value of your organic search

Organic search is frequently neglected or taken always for granted as a valuable channel in a well-balanced marketing mix. However, for SEOs, a rise in traffic is one of the best ways to demonstrate value – if your company is slashing marketing spend elsewhere, an organic search might become the hero channel.


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