Climate Change And Weather Forecast

Climate Change And Weather Forecast


In any field of human activity where a choice of either time or place exists- and the activities are affected directly or indirectly by the weather, a possible area of work for the weather consultant lives.

Cliate change is the long term change in average weather conditions over a given period; these include temperature and rainfall. According to  weather consultants, climate change is mainly caused by human activities resulting in increased greenhouse gases, causing global warming due to abnormally increased earth’s temperature.

Effects Of Climate Change

Climate change and health; according to the world health organization newsroom, extreme high air temperatures due to global warming contribute to deaths, especially among older people due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This is because high temperatures raise ozone gas levels and other pollutants that accelerate respiratory diseases. Pollens are also high in extreme heat, which may trigger conditions such as asthma.

Climate change and the economy

According to Weather Consultants’ national assessment published in 2018, warmer temperatures, sea-level rise, and extreme temperatures will damage infrastructure and property. It will also increase production costs by making raw materials more expensive, whereby scenarios such as drought will cause water scarcity, making it expensive. Impacting negatively on forestry, agriculture, and tourism will result in economic depreciation (Dogru et al. 2019).

According to Van der Geest et al. (2019), ecosystems are greatly affected by climate. There is the modification of habitats that results in the changing of events such as flowering and egg-laying. Marine life is also greatly affected due to the excess carbon dioxide in the air due to burning fossil fuel absorbed in the oceans making the water acidic and harmful. Due to thermal expansion, the rising sea levels also put the coastal area at risk of storm surge and erosion.

Human activities such as factories that result in climate change are unavoidable, resulting in climate change’s long-term effects. These include precipitation pattern changes, continuous rise in temperature, more droughts and heatwaves, and rising sea levels.

In conclusion, climate change mainly is a result of human activities as opposed to the natural cause; therefore, the emission of greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons that causes global warming can be controlled and mitigated by stabilizing their levels in sectors such as agriculture by Wattiaux et al. (2019) and mainly incorporating the use of renewable energy sources.

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Weather impacts every industry differently, and many Weather Consultants are ready to deliver relevant, actionable weather intelligence for business footprints. Timely communication with decision-makers is critical. Through texts, email alerts, and conference calls, they will directly connect with the expert like meteorologists’ weather consultant team by digging more profoundly than any weather app. They will deliver consistent results that save time, save money, and save lives.

Whether it’s an important sporting event, corporate event, wedding, or conference, the weather consultant understands the relevance of any event and fine-tunes the forecast to set their expectations for weather-sensitive outdoor events, from coast to coast. From personalized video forecasts to email briefings and call-in services leading up to any event, anyone can trust the weather experts to prepare for the weather.

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