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Bangalore leads the way in sustainable transportation with its growing network of EV charging stations, making it easier for owners to adopt electric vehicles. This blog serves as a guide, emphasising the significance of charging stations in the transformative journey towards cleaner and greener mobility.

The Importance Of EV Charging Stations

The accessibility and widespread availability of EV charging infrastructure play a crucial role in the quest for cleaner and sustainable modes of transportation. Charging stations in Bangalore go beyond mere refuelling locations; they signify a significant shift towards cleaner energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Navigating Bangalore’s Charging Stations

EV owners planning trips or manoeuvring through traffic need in-depth knowledge about Bangalore’s electric car charging stations. This blog is a go-to guide for those searching for EV fast charging points near me in Bangalore.

Bangalore EV Charging Stations List

Here is a compiled list of EV charging stations in Bangalore, showcasing their features and locations:

Charging Station For Electric Vehicles

Address: Arya Hamsa Apartment, 3rd Black Basement Parking No. 3G, 107 80 Feet Road, JP Nagar Phase 8.

Features: One AC slot (Level 1) with IEC 60309 standard.

Vehicle Charging Station: Electric

Address: Sahakar Nagar, No. 553 Therant Tower Electric F Block.

Features: Two AC slots with 3PIN-15AMP sockets (Level 1).

BMW Charging Station – Navnit Motors

Address: Konappana Agrahara Begur Hobli Hosur Road, Survey No. 4, close to Electronic City.

Features: Single AC charging slot with Level 1 (3PIN-15AMP) socket.

Mahindra-Charging Station Sireesh Auto Pvt Ltd

Address: Next to Flying School, Jakkur Main Road, Grur Bus Stop.

Features: Four AC charging slots (Level 1) with 3PIN-15AMP sockets.

Bangalore Mahindra – Reva Electric Charging Station

Address: Hosakote, Bengaluru Rural District, Palace Cross Road Chakravarthy Layout.

Features: Four AC charging slots with various connectors (Level 1).

Charging An Electric Vehicle: Costs And Considerations

The cost to charge an electric car depends on factors like battery capacity, local electricity prices, and charging techniques. Public charging stations in many Indian cities charge around ₹4 per kWh, while residential rates can vary between ₹2 and ₹9 per kWh. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for EV owners to choose where and how to charge their vehicles.

Like any other vehicle, electric vehicles require suitable electric vehicle insurance. Certain parts of EVs, such as sophisticated batteries, may need coverage against liability, damage, theft, and accidents. Electric car insurance plans are designed to meet the unique needs of EV owners, covering aspects like batteries, natural disasters, personal accidents, and charging equipment. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

The benefits of buying electric cars in India include reduced air pollution, lower operational costs, and a significant contribution to the country’s efforts towards sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. When comparing electric cars vs. petrol cars in India, electric cars stand out for their eco-friendliness, lower operating costs, and the potential to contribute to reduced dependence on traditional fossil fuels.

As the charging infrastructure grows, understanding cost dynamics and having proper electric vehicle insurance, such as comprehensive plans, becomes increasingly important to ensure the safety and security of electric vehicles on the road. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

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