Hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto due to changes in crime patterns during the pandemic

Hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto due to changes in crime patterns during the pandemic


The most recent coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of living of individuals across the world. The department of law and order in several countries has stated that this new reality has given rise to the crime rates across communities. With the increase in the number of crimes, there is a substantial growth in the number of arrests made during the pandemic. The domestic violence cases have increased in the period of the pandemic, also there has been a growth in traffic violations. If you hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto, the attorney will come to your rescue if there are criminal charges on you. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a criminal lawyer from defense law firm Brampton if you get arrested for the following reasons:

  1. Growth in domestic violence: There has been a significant growth registered in the domestic violence cases during the pandemic. There were several complaints launched by the people because they were the victims of domestic violence. A few of them were regarding murder, sexual assault, and abuse. A person who is charged with such severe criminal activities needs an expert defense lawyer Toronto with the legal knowledge who can defend that individual in the court. Since the court of justice doesn’t pass any judgment without listening to both the parties in the case, the criminal attorneys get a chance to defend the accused, and if the defendant can’t afford a lawyer then one is provided by the court itself.
  2. Traffic violations:  Since the coronavirus pandemic began there has been a substantial increase in traffic violation cases. The police department has stated that numerous stunts driving cases were registered along with commercial-in cases. Although there was a drop in drink and drive, and fraud cases. Stunt driving is a criminal offense and if an individual is proven guilty, they have to pay a huge amount to the government in the terms of penalty and might even have to spend some time in jail, while their driving license gets canceled. If an individual is facing the traffic violation charges then the accused is already under a lot of pressure. Hiring a Toronto criminal defense lawyer will be beneficial for you since they have detailed knowledge about such cases and they will get you released if booked with traffic violations charges.

How helpful are criminal attorneys: Having someone to give legal support is a big relief to the accused in case of getting arrested with serious criminal charges such as domestic violence or traffic violations. The proceedings in the case of domestic violence from the beginning that is filing the case and visiting the court for hearings are intricate. Criminal lawyer Toronto always keeps you updated with the developments in the case. The criminal attorney not only helps you before the trials begin but convincingly argues in your defense, cross-examines the witnesses, and presents the evidence.

These are a few reasons why you should hire a criminal attorney with the changes in crime patterns during the pandemic. Criminal lawyers have a better understanding of criminal cases such as domestic violence which is regarded as a serious offense, so they can provide you the best legal support to defend you. For more information about criminal lawyers do follow us on SalespiderCylex-Canada, and Nearest.

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