How Dolby Audio Helps in an Android Led TV

How Dolby Audio Helps in an Android Led TV


Audio is one of the most important features in a smart TV along with the video of course. It helps you obtain the right kind of sound to complement the most appealing video. In this way, you can attain a wonderful TV viewing experience whenever you switch it on. When looking at audio, you may have a wide variety of devices that are up and ready to connect to your TV. However, before you pick any, take into account that there are two available types. This includes input and output.

Input devices and output devices 

Input devices send audio to your TV. This encompasses game consoles, Blu-ray players as well as set-top boxes. Output devices obtain sound from a TV. This includes soundbars, surround speakers as well as headphones. Looking at the kind of device you have, you need to accordingly go in for the most appropriate audio format. This encompasses Bitstream, PCM, or Dolby.

While Dolby Audio is popular and the preferred choice among most, it is important to review your devices,  what they do, and how you connect them before setting things up.

What is Dolby Audio?

Dolby Audio is an industry-standard surround sound audio codec. It is specifically designed to deliver 5.1 channels of audio to a variety of entertainment forms. This includes Blu-ray discs, DVDs, PCs, broadcast and satellite TV as well as video games. Dolby Audio is an advanced encoding/decoding technology that offers multichannel audio. This works to offer a cinematic audio experience.

The upside of Dolby Audio

With Dolby Audio, you obtain a wide range of benefits.

You can take advantage of a cinematic experience 

Why head to the cinemas when you can have this viewing experience in the comfort of your home? With Dolby audio on your side, you can listen to sound and explore images impressively. In this way, you can obtain unadulterated entertainment as you unwind to your favourite movies, shows, and games.

Music listening becomes all the more wonderful

With this technology at your side, you can listen to your favourite music in all its amazing glory. Its immersive surround sound technology ensures you can seamlessly listen to sound and music without any interruptions and in a clear way. This has further opened up doors to an all-new aspect of music listening.

You obtain an immersive experience 

Having Dolby Audio for your Android LED TV offers full bandwidth channels. Surround left, front right, front left, surround right, and centre. These factors make certain you obtain an all-immersive surround sound experience that cannot be compared. Other than this, you also obtain a low-frequency effect (LFE) channel. It provides the sound that is needed for special effects. This proves to be immensely useful when watching action sequences.

A multi-dimensional surround sound experience follows

Through the assistance of Dolby Audio, you are not merely subjected to a single dimension audio experience. You can take advantage of a multi-dimensional one. Individual sounds are correctly placed in the room and it can also move around you. So you know for sure that it can also move overhead and down low. This assures you that you are going to get lost in the story, graphics as well as superior sound quality.

It can even impact visual appeal

Dolby Audio does not only do well in the audio department. It, in fact, also desirably impacts the visual look and feel of your viewing experience. This is mainly because it brings you dynamic colours as well as the best brightness. Its one-of-a-kind colours and subtle hues are sure to offer you a visual delight. When all of this comes to light on the screen, you obtain the best depth, contrast, and overall visual appeal.

So there you go. When looking at an LED TV the next time, be sure to also check about Dolby Audio. With the new Sanyo Kaizen Android TV you get a fully immersive visual and audio experience powered by Dolby Audio.

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