How to Save Energy Consumption with the Right Air Conditioner

How to Save Energy Consumption with the Right Air Conditioner


The scorching summers can get to anyone but while your air conditioner can prove to be a lifesaver and cools you down, it can also be the biggest energy consumer in your home. If you are constantly using it more often than not, the chances that you can expect high energy consumption bills are huge. This does not mean that you need to succumb to it and pay a huge price. All you need to do is look for ways to save energy while you use your AC every day. Here is how you can do so.

Go for ACs that come with Eco Function

Most ACs today come with an Eco mode. This offers you the ability to run the compressor slower. This inevitably means the motor uses less energy to run the system as the pressure in the condenser reduces. This works to minimize cooling capacity but enhances efficiency. An eco-design AC is built to safeguard the environment so it proves to be immensely beneficial to save electricity.

Keep the sun at bay

There are certain times in the day that the sun is good for us. However, during the hottest days of the year when your family is practically melting in the heat is not one of those times. Your AC may be doing the best it can to get you through this trying time but it can only do so much. Add to this the heat of the sunlight and your AC is going to put in extra work to keep your space cool.

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This means it is consuming more power. You can keep the sun out by keeping curtains, blinds, and drapes closed.

Make certain you insulate your home well

One of the things that can cause massive energy consumption is an improperly insulated home. Older homes do not come with sufficient insulation as a result seals are more worn out and cracks are more common. To ensure your insulation in your home is up to the desired level, it is essential to have a contractor or utility provider carry out a home energy audit. An energy auditor examines your house for leaks. They can accordingly make recommendations on how to make your home all the more energy efficient.

See that your filters are clean

When you first buy your air conditioner online, things run smoothly but it is important to maintain it in order to maintain its effectiveness. One way of doing this is to make sure your filters are clean. As time passes by, your air filters gather debris and dust. This restricts airflow which puts a strain on your AC unit to maintain coolness. This consumes more energy. Rather than waiting for your air filter to get clogged, make sure you clean them every 30 to 90 days. This keeps the air flowing smoothly through the unit.

Try setting your thermostat high

When it comes to a majority of conditioners, you are going to spend more money the lower you go. So it is important to set the thermostat to the highest possible temperature that ensures you still fee cool. You can save as much s 10% on your energy bills each year by simply maintaining a temperature that is 10 to 15 degrees higher than the one you are used to for say eight hours.

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So there you go, the next time you go in for a Sanyo AC make sure you take a look at the energy efficiency and eco function as well as stay true to these factors. It certainly helps take your power bills down a notch in the best way possible.

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