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The subject of Link Building is a vast area and you can understand each of these specifically and individually for a better implementation. In the long drawn process of Link Building, it has several stages and processes with each having its own unique characteristics, advantages and benefits. If you learn them better, your Link Building efforts reward you in the long run. You can do Link Building in a multitude of ways.

Broadly speaking, Link Building can be done in two ways:

1. Through Own Web Properties & Accounts

2. Through Third Party Websites, Platforms & Accounts

In the first case, you can do Link Building linking your own social media, blog and content marketing pages and platforms. You can also use your own website interlinking content within your website like website blog, articles, news and events, case studies, profile page, product pages, product gallery and other resource pages. You can have a great link architecture and pagination within your website to let your readers and website viewers to go back and forth between pages of relevance, value and resourcefulness. This indeed is very effective for your overall Link Building efforts and helps your SEO in great measure.

If you want your Link Building process to be more exhaustive, elaborate, versatile, inclusive, diversified and multifarious, you should adopt Link Building through Third Party Websites. To this end, you can use social media, YouTube, discussion forums, press releases, news posts, reviews and ratings, directories, classified, newsportals, mobile apps, affiliate websites, etc., for submitting various forms of attractive, lively, useful, engaging and interactive content to create backlinks to your web pages. Let us learn more about this process below.

Business Directories

Third party Business Directories serve a lot to your Link Building efforts because of their long standing presence and good patronage enjoyed in the search engines. Google and other search engines mostly show results of business directory listings for specific category or product searches because most of the business directory pages are indexed in Google and other search engines for long periods of time for various categories, keywords, meta description, meta tags,  brands and search tags.

This leaves us to understand that Business Directory listings with perfect description of a business under the right categories that best represent your business, good products description, numerous categories, exhaustive and elaborate profile description, all product mentions with brand names and specifications, address and map location markings, keyword and phrases, and product tags help you get found easily not only within the directory through internal searches but also through search engines. So, Business Directories are perfect places for creating backlinks for your website with astounding results. Check more with

Guest Blogging Websites

Using Guest Blogging sites you can publish a series of articles that would give your brand content visibility on that third party website but also quality backlinks to your website with high domain authority. This helps your website gain immense SEO benefits which eventually increases your search engine results. To know more about SEO Services and Packages, click here.

Blog Sites

There is a huge number of niche blog sites confined to specific topics and subjects where you can publish your niche and certain topic specific content for your Link Building process. But there are countless generic blog sites out there where you can pick and choose categories relevant to your website and publish high quality content showcasing and proving your expertise, strength, authority and knowledge in your industry or field. These general blogs have a huge reader following and hence, you can use these sites to get scores of backlink hits to your website.

Forums & Story Websites

Forums and Story Websites are those web platforms where people go to find specific answers for their questions and problems, read case studies for getting deeper insight on new concepts and phenomena, learn new business models and processes, and get to know about success stories of business people.

If you post your reviews, questions, answers, views,  business news and stories in those Forums and Story Websites, they will be picked up by really interested, enthusiastic, ‘needsome’  and ‘action-oriented’ readers and you will get tons of website clicks, brand engagements, reactions, shares and CTA fulfilments. Here are readers who consume information like food stuff if your information is promising, resourceful, life-changing and/or entertaining. You can post your case studies and success stories that readily connect to their life situations, problems, lifestyles and needs. That is it. You will get streaming hits to your website and thunderous business results.

News Portals

Even news websites need content that is newsworthy and if you have good announcements to make for your brand, they will be highly liked and appreciated by these news portals and their viewers who are by and large general public at the outset and to be specific, people and news followers from your industry, trade or field. So, submit news content with relevant information and that has high value for your readers along with your backlinks. You will get worthy Link Building benefits.

YouTube & Image Sharing Websites

YouTube is a popular tool for business promotion now and if you have a channel, keep submitting your product information and promotional videos. They will reach numerous prospects looking for new and worthy information, tips and product news.  Likewise, you can use all image sharing websites like Instagram, Pinterest and the like to share infographics and illustrations, brand identities, logos, product images, etc with a backlink to your web pages. This gives you a huge number of business conversions and SEO benefits.

Social Media Platforms

You can sign up and create an account with multiple social media platforms that offer special features that match your products and brand persona instead of those social media platforms that are generic and commonplace. Then, schedule and publish your content in those social media to create a pipeline of prospects for your brand.


Third party websites are versatile and hence are the best Link Building tools for your SEO process. Each one of these websites is unique and special in its own respect. These websites create a diversified follower base for your content posts and in due course, create a strong  loyalty for your brand amongst them. So, choose the best platforms and include them as part of your Link Building strategy. Pursue with them with purpose. You will get the best and desired results.

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