Plan the Perfect Romantic Movie Night with the Best Gujarati Rom-Coms

Best Gujarati Rom-Coms


Planning a romantic movie night can be the perfect way to spend quality time with your significant other. Gujarati cinema has a wealth of romantic comedies that combine heartwarming love stories with humor, making them ideal for such an occasion. Here are some of the best Gujarati comedy movies to include in your romantic movie night.

Jessu Jordaar

A delightful rom-com that revolves around the life of Jessu, a lively and spirited young woman. Jessu Jordaar explores her journey as she navigates love, friendships, and personal growth. With a mix of comedy and romance, Jessu’s story is filled with humorous situations and heartfelt moments. The film’s engaging story and charismatic performances make it a perfect start for your romantic movie night, setting a fun and light-hearted tone.

Love Ni Bhavai

Love Ni Bhavai is one of the most popular Gujarati romcom movies on ZEE5 Global, known for its charming storyline and memorable characters. The film follows the lives of three individuals—Aaditya, Antara, and Sagar—whose paths cross in unexpected ways, leading to a roller-coaster of emotions and laughter. The witty dialogues, beautiful cinematography, and engaging plot make Love Ni Bhavai a quintessential romantic comedy. Its blend of humor and romance will surely keep you entertained.


The romance drama is a heartwarming story about the unpredictable nature of love. Gatti revolves around a couple who, despite their different personalities, find themselves drawn to each other. The humorous situations arising from their differences and the chemistry between the lead characters make for an entertaining watch. Gatti offers a refreshing take on modern relationships and is perfect for those who enjoy a good laugh along with a touching love story. You can stream Gatti and more such Gujarati romantic movies online.

Luv Ni Love Storys

Luv Ni Love Storys is among the popular Gujarati romcom movies online that explore the complexities of modern-day romance through multiple stories. The protagonist, Luv, is a hopeless romantic who goes through various relationships, each teaching him valuable lessons about love and life. The film’s humorous take on love, combined with its relatable characters and situations, makes it an enjoyable rom-com. It’s a great pick for your movie night, offering a mix of laughter, love, and life lessons.

Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe

This is a romantic comedy that tells the story of two people from different worlds who fall in love against all odds. Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe’s charming plot, coupled with its comedic elements, makes it a delightful watch. The chemistry between the lead characters and the engaging storyline will keep you hooked from start to finish. This film is perfect for adding a dose of romance and humor to your movie night.

Hurry Om Hurry

Hurry Om Hurry is a light-hearted romantic comedy that follows the life of Om, a young man who is in a hurry to find true love. His humorous misadventures and the quirky characters he encounters along the way make for a fun and entertaining film. The film’s light-hearted approach to love and its comic situations make it an ideal choice for a romantic movie night. Hurry Om Hurry promises to bring laughter and joy, making your evening enjoyable and memorable.

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