Smart Diwali Gift Ideas for your Business Partners

Smart Diwali Gift Ideas for your Business Partners


Starting a business on your own can be a challenging experience. Being a business partner can be a way to share responsibilities, decisions and financial burden. And, Giving gifts is a great opportunity to show your business associates and clients that you appreciate them. As the festival of lights, Diwali is approaching soon what better way than to give it a perfect gift and make the festival of lights more enjoyable to celebrate for your business together

To help you find the best Diwali gifts for your business partner, we have listed some corporate gift items that would be perfect for your business partners to present on Diwali.

Personalized Diwali Box

A personalized box is one of the best corporate Diwali gifts to be counted in 2020! For businesses, this is the best way to strengthen their relationships. You can get it personalized with goodies like the Diya, candles, chocolates, dry fruits, decorative items, etc.

Gourmet Hamper

Sweet treats can make anyone happy, and your business partners will totally fall in love with the gourmet hamper. Beautifully packed in a box, delicious chocolates and candies will make the festival of lights more special.

Decorative Diyas and Lanterns

The festival is all about the lights. No matter how much the time may change, lighting an earthen lamp or lanterns never loses its essence in this festival. Send a message of a long-standing tradition with ornamental diyas and lanterns as a gift. You can also find them in beautiful colours and designs. Just visit online and look for decorative Diwali diya online and gift your business partner.

Business Card Holder

This is one of the executive gifts that everyone needs. It can also be used to collect contact information of new acquaintances for safe storage and use for a later date. Customize it with your company name and make sure that they are a professional representation of your brand. A perfect gift for you as well as for your business partner


PopSocket is one of the great corporate gifts for many reasons. First, it can hold a smartphone in place so that the user does not have a phone slipping into his or her hands. This means hands-free chatting and watching. Second, it acts as a cord wrap or photo grid. Finally, you can personalize this gift by adding a cool design. Better yet, put your company logo on PopSocket for a marketing boost.

Personalized Face Mask

As you are already aware, face masks have been made mandatory by the government. Wearing a face mask is a must wear as you step out of the house. It can help protect from frequent social disturbances. You can customize these masks with your name, logo or message of community support. They can be a thoughtful and timely giveaway idea for your business partner.

An idol of Lakshmi Ganesh

The idol of Ganesh stands for success, and Lakshmi stands for wealth and prosperity. Worshipping the idol of Lakshmi Ganesh is prevalent during Diwali and is the right way to greet someone to this idol. Give a beautiful Lakshmi Ganesh idol to your business partner as a token of love and care.

Go Green!

On this auspicious occasion, buy a plant for Diwali as a gift for your business partner. Plants are green gems that benefit not only us but also the environment around us. Gifting plants to business partners, friends, family, neighbours or anyone else for Diwali will never be out of fashion. Lucky plants like Syngonium, Bambo plant, Calathea, Peperomia, Aglonma, Bonsai, Cycas revoluta, Money plant, and more will make it the perfect gift.

So, that’s all from our side. Happy gifting!

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