Tips to Avoid the Possibilities of Drain Clogging in Your Home

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When you are washing your dishes, you will feel that the water is not getting drained perfectly and there is the constant sound of clogging from inside the pipe. The same issue will be sensed in the toilet and bathroom as well. When this happens, you should understand that it is time to look for a plumber.

Water blockage in any plumbing line can happen because of many reasons. If you feel like you have a blocked drain in your home, then it is time to hire the help of Wilco Plumbing Services. They are the best-known blocked drains Sydney services and can handle any kind of blockage at your place. Visit their website to know more.

Preventing the Chances of Clogged Drains 

Here are some of the ways of preventing the chances of clogging the drain lines in your home.

Don’t Take Chances 

Some of the common mistakes such as flushing toiletries, not disposing of food remains and flushing them inside the kitchen sinks, putting eggshells and coffee or tea grinds inside the drain, etc., can cause drain blockage. Hence, make sure that you dispose of the items into the dustbin rather than draining them in the toilet or kitchen sinks.

Tree Root Removal Periodically 

Tree roots tend to get into the drainage line quite often, if not removed periodically. Tree roots will not only block the pipes but can also damage the pipes with cracks or breaks. If not checked, then they can destroy the plumbing lines resulting in the sewer water going everywhere. Hence, make sure to remove unwanted trees from your property, and especially the ones that are rooted very close to the sewer lines.

Right Kind of Chemical Usage 

If you use chemicals to remove the drain blockage, then make sure that you have chosen the right one for you. Most of the chemicals promise to take care of the drain blockages, but will not completely fulfil all the promises. Such chemicals might end up sitting on the metallic pipes, and finally corroding the pipes from the inside. Hence, use the right kind of chemical for cleaning the drains.

Periodic Checking and Maintenance 

You should check the condition of your drain pipes periodically by using the cameras. Any blockage or the chances of blockages can be detected and also taken care of as soon as possible, which will prevent major drain problems in future.

Keep Dishwasher and Kitchen Sinks Clean 

Dishwasher and kitchen sinks are the pipes that get blocked comparatively sooner than the other lines. The best way of preventing this is by –

  1. Not pouring fat or oils into the drainpipe
  2. Not rinsing cereals, pasta, rice, etc., and other such things inside the sink drain
  3. Completely removing the food remains from the plate before placing them inside the dishwasher, and so on.

Clogging of the drains can happen because of many reasons. You need to make sure that you avoid all possible chances of the clogging of drains. Follow the routine of the season-wise cleaning to avoid all kinds of possibilities of drain clogging.

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