What is the role of probiotics in gut health?

What is the role of probiotics in gut health?


Many of us have heard about the so-called ‘good bacteria’ that are good for our health. But what exactly are these good bacteria and why are they good for our health? Well, recent explorations of the human gut microbiota suggest that there are millions of microbes living in the gut in the form of communities that can increase the predisposition to different disease phenotypes. These microbes keep everything healthy and in working condition, and are the kind of bacteria that you actually want present in your body.

The connection between gut health and probiotics, therefore, seems kind of obvious. The healthier the microbiota in the gut is, the more seamlessly it will operate. Probiotics, are exogenously administered bacteria that help to restore the composition of the gut microbiome, and amplify its beneficial effects in the human body. Many best Gastroenterologist in Lahore have started prescribing probiotics to their patients, to restore their gut healthy.

What is the role of probiotics?

Researchers are trying to understand the exact role of probiotics in human digestion. While the exact way they do this is not known, yet we know a lot more today than before. For instance, the Clusters of Orthologous Groups (COG) and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) analyses suggest that the genetic elements from microbiota of the intestines complements the genes needed for essential biological pathways in the humans. Moreover, these microbes can change the gene expression in the mucosa of the gut, which ultimate affects the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract.

Human diet can also have an impact on the gut microbiota, which can ultimately change the pattern of biochemical reactions. Even having constipation can alter the gut microbiota, in comparison to people who don’t have constipation.

How are probiotics helpful?

Probiotics can be safely administered to people to help in their digestive issues.

Lower pH is seen with the administration of probiotics which help the stool move faster through the intestines.

Relieve antibiotic-induced diarrhea

Antibiotics kill off the healthy bacteria in the gut, and alter the microbiota. This balance can be restored with the help of probiotics, and relieve antibiotic induced diarrhea. Antibiotic induced diarrhea also involves overgrowth of clostridium difficile, and this disease-causing bacterium can also be fought off through probiotics.

Help in the absorption of protein

Protein, minerals and vitamins, along with other nutrients in the diet can be absorbed better with the help of probiotics.

Prevention of disease

Probiotics are also helpful in certain health conditions. These include:

Irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diarrhea, such as that caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses, antibiotic induced diarrhea and even inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Apart from the conditions of the gut that probiotics help treat, they are also helpful for diseases in other parts of the body including skin conditions like eczema, oral diseases, allergies, colds, vaginal and urinary health.

Before you use them, be sure to ask your healthcare provider if they are a good idea for you. If he approves, then get a prescription from the best Gastroenterologist in Karachi.

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