5 Bold and Bright Colour Palettes to Consider for Your Home

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From bold hues, and neutral colours to earthy shades, the colour palette of Indian houses is as diverse as it can get. Gone are those days when people played it safe and stuck to neutral colours for their interior and exterior walls. Today, people don’t shy away from experimenting with whimsical hues for their houses.

Planning to refresh your old home or paint your new abode but confused about which colour palette to go with? Fret not, we are here for your rescue. Read along as we share with you five gorgeous colour palettes that you can consider using for your home design in 2024.

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1. Red

No colour screams boldness, class and style like the colour red. If you are itching to paint your home in a hue that will make heads turn, then you must consider integrating a red colour palette for your home. Red will instantly make your living space appear regal, warm and inviting.

Some of the stunning hues that you must consider incorporating if you are choosing this colour palette are wine red, cherry red, crimson red, mahogany, burgundy, maroon, etc.

2. Green

Are you a nature enthusiast? For people who have houses that are inspired by the outdoors, a green colour scheme is perfect, as it will make your home interiors seamlessly flow into your outdoors.

A green colour palette will make your home appear calm, grounding and cosy. It is the perfect colour palette for your bedroom, dining room, kid’s room and kitchen. Don’t know how to hire the best painting service in Delhi? Hire AapkaPainter’s painting service in Delhi and make your home the envy of your neighbours.

3. Blue

No matter whether you own a tropical, Scandinavian, contemporary, vintage, minimalist or eclectic-themed house, a blue colour palette can never go wrong. Blue is a perfect colour to integrate into your home design if you are looking for a hue that will make your home appear refreshing, calm and welcoming.

Some of the stunning shades of blue that you must consider using for your home interior and exterior include midnight blue, ice blue, teal, indigo, navy blue, steel blue, etc.

4. Yellow

If you are someone who is looking for a colour palette that will make your home appear vibrant and energetic, you must consider incorporating a yellow colour scheme for your home. Yellow is a classic hue that will make your living space radiate a cheerful, fun and chill mood.

Some of the beautiful shades of yellow that are favourites amongst homeowners and interior design experts are sunshine yellow, butter yellow, mustard, marigold, lemon yellow, gold yellow, etc.

5. Orange

Another vibrant colour palette that can never go wrong is orange. If red and yellow are too bold for you, orange is the perfect hue for you. It is subtle yet refreshing and will instantly uplift the mood of your living space. This colour is perfect for your living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, kid’s room, kitchen and powder room.

You can pair this versatile hue with yellow, red, white, blue, brown, grey, etc. Looking for a trustworthy painting service in Pune or any other major city in India? Get in touch with the folks at AapkaPainter and thank us later!

The Final Verdict

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home is critical, as your wall colours significantly impact your home life. We recommend that you choose a colour palette that has hues that you naturally gravitate towards and that spark joy in you.

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