Anabolic Steroids Buying Guide

Anabolic Steroids Buying Guide


There is a looming question among many fitness-centric enthusiasts and bodybuilders across the globe, and that query is, “where to buy anabolic steroids?” When you head to any anabolic steroid-related message board or forum on the Internet, this is one of the many questions you’ll see being asked by interested buyers and users.

The same can even be said when you head to your local gym; you might see a newbie at the gym trying to ask where to purchase anabolic steroids from another person who has clearly had some experience with using a form of supplement for bulking or cutting. If you’re looking for answers to this all-time favorite question by many interested steroid users and buyers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we highlight some of the top places you’ll find on the Internet as to where you can find your anabolic steroid of choice.

Steroid Forums and Message Boards

One of the best places to seek information is an online steroid message board. Forums and message boards will have dozens, if not hundreds of other users that already have some experience in using a particular anabolic steroid. You can give them a private message or perhaps reply to one of their topics or comments in the messaging boards to let you find the answer you seek to your query. Some forum users will even post the supplier information of their supplements. However, there are some message boards that won’t allow such an act to take place. As such, message the user directly will be your best bet in acquiring important information.

The Gym

If you’re living or currently located in Europe or the US, then you’re going to have a very tough time in getting anabolic steroids from a gym. However, even though you can’t get a hold of the product, what you can get are pieces of important information. When you ask any individual in the gym as to where they got their anabolic steroid, they’ll surely answer your inquiry. Just remember to ask nicely, or you’re just going to get a knuckle sandwich straight to your face if you’re being rude.

Gym Suppliers

Many anabolic steroids work “under the table,” which means they’re operating under the radar of the local, state, or even the national government. Seek out these individuals that sell anabolic steroids locally.

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In most cases, the individual will just be the middleman of the selling operation. That person knows where to get the anabolic steroids but wants to make a profit out of it. How can you spot such an individual? It’s simple – just stay around the gym lockers for a bit, and you’re bound to see two people trying to do business in the anabolic steroid industry.

Doctor’s Prescriptions

Some anabolic steroids aren’t just about their muscle cutting and forming properties because they have characteristics that can assist in the treatment of some ailments. You can get a doctor’s prescription to help you in acquiring steroids for a particular ailment such as asthma.

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Always remember that anabolic steroids are banned in many areas around the globe, especially in the US and in Europe. When you’re searching for an anabolic steroid supplier, you might want to extend your efforts in searching to outside the country’s borders.

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