How to Build a Stretch Limousine In 21 Days or Less!

How to Build a Stretch Limousine In 21 Days or Less


About Stretch Limousines

Stretch limousines, or stretch limos exude a sense of style and luxury whether you see them on TV, on the highway, or parked in front of high-end restaurant. These days, limousines are used by the young and old alike for a variety of purposes. From taking city tours to reaching important event in style, there is a stretch limo for every purpose.

There are many different brands of limousines available today as the limousines are made from luxury standard-sized sedans. Some of the popular brands of limousines Lincoln, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, Cadillac and many more. In the United States the most popular vehicles for stretch limousines conversion are the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, Hummer H2, Ford Excursion, and the Lincoln Navigator.

A Luxurious Traveling Experience

Stretch limousines have plush bench seating along the back wall and some or all of the side walls of the stretch limo vehicle. The seating arrangement is designed for maximum interaction among the passengers. Modern stretch limousines accommodate from 6 to up to 10 passengers and are available for 6, 8, and 10 passenger rentals. They all feature a custom interior lighting experience; CD audio system; ice bins, glasses & flutes; and tinted windows. Both black and white vehicles are available.

SUVs and H2 Hummers are also available in stretch limousine formats. These larger vehicles have more headroom and seat from 14 to up to 18 passengers.

Stretch limos are used and hired for many, many occasions, among them:


  • Romantic dinners
  • Group dinners
  • Family dinners


  • Anniversaries
  • Funerals
  • New-born baby pickups
  • Bachelor(ette) Parties
  • Birthday
  • Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Homecoming/School Dance
  • Night on the Town
  • Prom Services
  • Quinceañero


  • Football stadiums
  • Baseball stadiums
  • Hockey Arenas
  • Basketball stadiums
  • Golf courses


  • Bride & Groom
  • Bachelor(ette) parties
  • Airport and hotel guest transportation


  • City tours
  • Architectural tours
  • Wine tours
  • Countryside tours
  • Mississippi River Valley tours
  • Stillwater (Minn. Birthplace) tours
  • College campus tours

How are Stretch Limousines Made?

Making a stretch limousine is a detail-oriented process that takes time and inputs by experts in different areas of automobile engineering. Here is a quick look at some of the steps involved in making of a stretch limousine.

  • Stretch limousines are made from Lincoln or Cadillac limousines that are always purchased brand-new from the manufacturer. The limousine is cut in half by using laser guided precision tools and the two parts are put apart at a distance that is the exact length of the final vehicle. All modifications to the limousine are done under the QVM/CMC standards to ensure vehicle safety and the safety of all passengers in the vehicle.
  • The OEM braking system is enhanced by using oversized brake pads for front and rear braking cylinders. The engineering team chooses the best possible products for all installations and all parts are inspected at length before installation.
  • The body of the limousine is extended by using OEM body mounts that add strength to the chassis and also help to make the ride a smoother experience. The limousine is also equipped with heavy-duty isolators that put a stop to excessive vibrations. Further reinforcements are added to the floor assembly so that it can support the seating area. The electrical body harness is extended by the use of OEM connectors and the drive shaft is also extended by using OEM materials.
  • The interior of the limousine is assembled from high-end materials that give the limousine a lavish and plush feel. From the seating to the bar and the music system, everything is hand-picked for that particular limousine. The interior fittings also include a bar, music system controls, heating and air conditioning.
  • The limousine is given a final inspection, quality control checks, and test drive to make sure it is safe and ready for use on the road.

Hire Aspen Limo and Car Services in Minneapolis When Looking for Minnesota’s Best Stretch Limousines and Drivers


Established in 1995, Aspen has been in business for over 23 years in the Twin Cities area as a family-owned business. Customer satisfaction – a key luxury experience factor – is an obsession for the entire Aspen Limo team!

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The company has grown to now owning and operating the largest fleet of chauffeured vehicles in the state of Minnesota! And always staying current in their industry is very important to the company. For example, Aspen Limo put up one of the first modern limo websites in the State of Minnesota, first mobile apps, first on-line reservations solution, and recently purchased their latest super luxurious Party Bus Limos and Executive Shuttle Mini-Buses!

Aspen is not a small home-business limo company with a few vehicles in the garage. They are a vibrant, professional and always expanding limo and car services Minnesota company.

What Makes Aspen Limo and Car Services Special

Aspen Limo maintains the largest, broadest fleet of luxury vehicles in the state of Minnesota! They take great pride in the quality, immaculate condition and pristine cleanliness of every one of their vehicles!

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To ensure your complete satisfaction with your vehicle of choice, the owners of Aspen Limo proudly invite you to visit their garage showroom near downtown Saint Paul so that you can actually pick the exact vehicle you desire for your special event – if you so desire! Just call 612-590-8000 and let them know when you would like to meet.

The company’s fleet of chauffeured vehicles includes town cars, luxury sedans, executive-class SUVs, stretch limos and stretch hummers, luxury party bus limousines, executive shuttle buses, and luxury shuttle vans.

You’re invited to visit Aspen Limo’s well-maintained, visitor-friendly garage showroom to inspect and pre-select the exact vehicle you prefer for your upcoming stretch limousine service in Minneapolis Minnesota. They only request that you call them first at 612-590-8000 for your “meet me at the showroom” appointment!

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