Best Order Management Systems- Meaning, Significance, Need, & Benefits

Best Order Management


When your eCommerce business starts growing, it’s an occasion of celebration, but it can be a hectic period too. Your spreadsheet and manual processes will become enormous.

Now, in such a scenario, automating some of the most repetitive tasks of your eCommerce business could be a great boon for you. You just need order tracking software to capture orders and update your inventory details to fulfill orders.

Most eCommerce software does not support multi-language, which might cause a hurdle while serving customers throughout the globe. In such cases, having wholesale business management multi language products can give you a lead over other competitors.

So, here in this article, we will go through different aspects to overcome all of your doubts. So do not skip a single part of this blog.

What is an Order Management System?

Order Management System is software that assists you in automating and managing your eCommerce store order fulfillment system. This software consolidates data from all segments of your organization, such as customer data, order information, inventory levels, etc. This software makes it easy to manage a significant segment of your business from one place. From logging orders to invoicing management, this software manages entire order-to-cash sales.

Brands need flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to stay in the competitive market. Operational technology is a must-needed technology to meet and fulfill the demand to scale the business. They allow the organization to deliver a satisfactory customer experience across every channel.

The brand struggling to unify the data and wants more transparency and efficiency in its processes can go with an Order Management System. Order management is a process that cannot be conducted in isolation; it depends upon almost every company section.

How Can an Order Management System Help You?

The core objective of implementing order tracking software is to deliver the product to customers in the most efficient way. The order tracking software enables you to manage the journey of the products from getting into the cart to final arrival at their doorsteps. It also facilitates quick management of the return of orders. The order management system eCommerce helps you with every single step of the product journey. OMS can make your work simple and easy in these areas of your business:-

  • Handling orders from various platforms, including your marketplaces, own online store, reseller orders, and bulk orders,
  • Gives you real-time data on the availability of products & inventory levels
  • Selecting the most suitable warehouse to complete orders
  • Tracking order status
  • Synching CRM to customer order data
  • Integration of accounting tools for financial forecasting

Benefits of Order Management Systems

Most eCommerce companies cannot grow without order tracking software in place. Cost efficiency, personalized order fulfillment, and Customers expect efficiency. There is no place for manual error in eCommerce businesses, as a single error can deplete the brand reputation and retention rate.

Automation of Manual Processes to Streamline Workflow

The ORM enables your employees to automate essential repetitive processes such as processing orders, reporting, managing returns, updating inventory levels, and any other assistance. An ideal platform will integrate your existing software into a common channel, eliminating the need for your manpower to transfer data between two channels manually. You can use data in your Online management system to make reports for management and better understand demand sources, transportation lanes, and fulfillment operations at the end of the year, quarter, month, or week. You can also improve your organization’s overall performance by analyzing the key metrics.

Manage the Availability of Products

Most multichannel e-commerce sellers will have a store on Magento, Shopify, or woo-commerce. They also sell on online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Previously, you had to treat all these as separate settings and entities and update inventory on a per-platform basis.

Now, you can link all the platforms you want to sell with OMS. This software enables you to manage the inventory across channels with different prices per the customer’s data.

Provides Cross Border Services

In recent past years, globalization has increased at a massive pace. It is no longer difficult for the brands to make cross-order trades. The order management system enables the brand to take orders and payments from any country and currency without limitations.


The order management system eCommerce has numerous benefits for new and existing businesses. High expectations, high volume, and high velocity are the key factors that have given rise to the e-commerce industry and customer expectations. The popularity of e-commerce and digital stores facilitates customers to order whatever they like, whenever they like, and from the platform of their choice.

The customer expects a one-click process and delivery within the same day. In such scenarios, having the right order tracking software could benefit you and your business. The order management system is the future of the eCommerce world. It is one of the most suitable ways to provide a personalized, fast, and error-free order experience to the customer. Today order management software is designed to give unmatched customer satisfaction.

OrderCircle provides the best order tracking software and wholesale business management multilanguage software. The company aims to provide one-stop solutions for automated marketing, sales, tracking, and other services. This software’s real-time customer data can provide crucial insights to help you understand customer behavior.

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