How to Sort Out Housemate Problems

Housemate Problem


There will be times in our lives where we end up in a housing situation that isn’t exactly ideal. More often than not, until you are an established homeowner with your own property, you will be living with someone who is either a friend, stranger or family. For example, when you move into university, you will begin your undergraduate journey by sharing a room with people who are essentially strangers to you- sharing the living areas, kitchen and sometimes even bathrooms. This is usually something that happens again in your early adult life- as those who are trying to establish themselves will typically end up house sharing with people who are living in the city or want to move out of their family home but perhaps don’t have the financial backing. Because of this, our living situations can sometimes get a bit heated. But with family, you sometimes can sometimes voice your arguments and the next day act like nothing happened. Whereas with housemates, you have to approach things in a more diplomatic way so that nothing further arises because of it. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to sort out housemate problems.

What Are the Common Housemate Issues?

There could be an endless list of things that annoy you about living with a housemate, but if we really had to dwindle it down to just a couple of highlights, it would include things such as:

Arguments over bills. This is a hugely common one, especially if you are sharing the payments on the flat aside from rent.

Everyone has different standards of clean…and some people are just slobs. It can be frustrating to live in a dirty environment.

The wors housemate situation is if one of you is a certified party animal and the other one loves to get in bed at 8:30pm.

How Do I Deal with This?

Be kind. If you and your housemate aren’t seeing eye to eye, then it’s important that you try and understand that they probably do have kind intentions. If your housemate won’t stop nagging for things to be done, then they probably have a big heart.

There isnt a single issue that can’t be resolved with a bit of communication. Sit down and discuss what’s really going on, and then you will see the effects.

Make a plan. If you have to come up with a written structure that suits everybody- then so be it! Keep a physical copy of it printed and stuck somewhere where everyone can see…like on the fridge perhaps.

Be honest. If you have a housematewho is seriously not working out with, then its time to get honest.

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