Cuisinart Food Processor Is A Game Changer For Sports Snacks

Sports Snacks


I have 3 kids that are all involved with extracurricular activities. My son is involved in baseball and football, and one daughter plays soccer and does dance, while the other is in field hockey and gymnastics. It is insanely hectic and we only have 1 day a week where we aren’t running around like crazy people.

As you can imagine, it’s hard to maintain healthy diets while we’re always on the go. Healthier snacks have been developed over the years, but the healthier and less processed they are, the more expensive they are, which is really a shame.

While it’s fine to have some of these on hand, it was not cutting it all the time. I needed a better solution, and something that was realistic and sustainable for my family. So I turned to the internet, as many do when they need answers.

It looked like I would need to use a food processor to make this all work. I had one, but it was pretty old. I took it out, and realized some parts were missing. I figured it would be best to go ahead and get a new one. Again, the internet was my friend in helping me choose which one to purchase. I decided on the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor from Kitchen Works Inc.

While I waited for it to arrive, I organized everything that I’d need to make the snacks. My research gave me some great recipes for protein bars and different types of no cooking energy balls. I had no idea these very things existed.

I sat down with the kids on our one night off and presented them with about 10 different recipes. I had them each pick 2 that stood out to them. My kids all picked one of the same recipes so that made things a bit easier overall. They all had different second choices, so I decided to go with their main choice first.

They really made a wonderful difference in sustaining their energy, which surprised me. Usually my kids are just knocked out at the end of the week. These seemed to give them some more stamina.

Now my kids and I go through recipes together and come up with different snack ideas. They’re all willing to try different things, and sometimes they discover that they like something that they didn’t expect to. It’s nice when I don’t have to make so many batches of things, but if it means they’re having healthy snacks, I don’t mind at all.

Gone are the days of eating for convenience when we’re on the go. I’m so thankful that it’s a thing of the past. My kids have had much success in their endeavors and I really attribute that to all of the nutrients that they’re absorbing. I couldn’t be happier that I figured this out and that my Cuisinart food processor has made it that much easier.

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