Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- Using Sustainable Farming Techniques To Save The Planet

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Sustainable farming aids in the protection of the entire planet, its environment, and all the living beings that depend upon its bio-diversity. It also helps in producing healthier crops that are safe for human consumption, as no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used for their production. Sustainable farming practices also play a vital role in reducing the levels of carbon footprint and preserving the natural resources of the planet for future generations to enjoy.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a respected name in the USA when it comes to the preservation of natural resources via sustainable farming. This company started in 1958 when its founder Orland Bethel, a coal truck driver in Flushing, OH, near Wheeling, WV, changed his career path and joined an egg company in the region. He was so impressed with the prospects of the company that he borrowed cash to buy it eventually. He started his business on the farm and began by re-selling eggs.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – business growth and commitment to customers 

In the middle of the 1970s, the company’s operations expanded to the regions of Florida. After his son Gary joined the Farms, its growth further increased and expanded to Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 2000, these Farms expanded further and covered many regions in Spring Grove and Gettysburg. It was during this time that these Farms raised more than 10 million chickens.

Why are organic food products becoming more popular in the markets today? 

 After the advent of the coronavirus, people are now conscious about their health, and the demand for organic food products has risen across the globe. The farming methods and practices for organic food products are different from conventional farming methods, as they do not contain any synthetic fertilizers. The food that is produced from these crops is healthier, and consumers are willing to pay more prices for them.

Besides organic food products, these farms also focus on the importance of using renewable energy for farming. The farms deploy wind and solar energy extensively for their daily operations. At the same time, they also ensure that the water used for washing eggs is returned to the soil after being filtered. The farm has a unique water treatment facility that does the task in a responsible manner.

Certifications for animal welfare and care  

The team at Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania also focuses on the welfare of birds and animals and has earned a number of certifications for animal welfare. Besides this, the company also takes care of its employees well and offers them a number of comprehensive insurance and employee benefit programs.

The experts are dedicated to saving the environment and offering customers quality food products. Their dairy products are pretty popular among customers making them a trustworthy farm that focuses on quality. Besides animals and their employees, the company is dedicated to donating to the homeless. They have pledged to lend a helping hand to people who have the fundamental right to fresh food, shelter, and clothes. They consider these donations to be a moral obligation to help the poor and expect nothing in return!

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