How To Pick The Perfect Team To Win Cash Prizes?

How To Pick The Perfect Team To Win Cash Prizes?


Want to play the realistic cricket contest, then the fantasy sports portals are there. Anyone can use their sports skills on this portal to earn real cash prizes, bonuses, and cashback by sitting at home. But one thing comes to the mind that this platform is protected and unharmed? No need to worry, there are 100% protected & secured platform and confirmed cash prizes a person will get. The fantasy cricket game provides a referral program that assists you to start the cricket game free. Even the newcomers can be a part of it, an option is there named “How to win” which act as a guide for the newcomers. A proper update system is there, which keeps things working well and also helps in team creation to gain a handsome amount of prizes.

Now the question arises what is the procedure to play the game?

There are simple steps which one require to follow to gain the cash prizes-

  • Open the PlayerszPot portal and Sign up with the necessary details.
  • Choose the match of your choice and click on connect now.
  • The next step is team creation. One needs to decide a team of eleven players, which includes 1 wicket-keeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders & 3-5 bowlers. By using an adequate budget of 1000 gems collectively from all the team members, then the procedure moves ahead.
  • Elect the star player and captain because it makes a significant effect on the event as the star player will receive 2x points and the captain will receive 1.5x points.
  • After this, the match begins & based on real performance, the results are announced, which includes scores, rankings, and champions list. This will, decide the original cash prize of the points earned by a particular team.

Those who are newcomers this guide will help them to play cricket matches easily & able to know the rules and regulations of the game.

How to select the perfect team players to win the game?

  • Batsmen- As the game rule, one can only select 3-5 batsmen for a particular match. It may be more or less, but not more than 5 & as per the records, pick the person for that appropriate position. One can select opening batsmen, 3rd batsmen & batsmen who bowl also to increase the points. By checking the actual performance, assign the positions to perform well in the matches to win cash prizes.
  • Bowler- The team also requires bowlers & one can only select 3-5 bowlers. Selection depends upon the pitch form that spinners, fast bowlers, and others are there. But select at least each type of bowler in the team to make a proper balance & avoid part-time bowlers as their economy rate is high but won’t be able to take more wickets as compared to others.
  • All-rounders- All-rounders play a significant role in the team & as per the requirement, one can only select 1-4players. Select not less than two players for the team & the members must be excellent in batting and bowling to score good points. While selecting a star player, the all-rounder player comes first.
  • Wicket-Keeper- To make an accurate balance, the keeper is necessary. Keepers will have a two-fold effect, which means they can earn points through keeping and from batting also. Select the player whose track record is high-grade in wicket-keeping and batting too for the betterment of the group.
  • Star player & captain- It is the necessary step in deciding the team for better scores. The star player must be an all-rounder, which receives 2x scores and the perfect member for the position of the captain, who gets 1.5x scores to act a turning point in the match. The adoption of these two members will decide the prise amount when the match ends. Do not prefer bowlers as a star player and a weak member as a captain.

If all this goes well, then one must earn a good cash prize, but the things depend on that how your team performs in the match, then only the required results will be achieved. So this is a crucial stage for everyone, otherwise, results may differ.

Some tips to select the best contestants in the team-

  1. One rule that we all follow in each game that we pick our favorites, either it is a bowler or batsmen. As per the rule, only 11 players are needed, select as per the preference, & the track record decisions are taken & select well-performing members in the matches. A good team can make the records & win prizes depending upon the achievement.
  2. The second tip is research. If you want to win, then one needs to the research work to pick the perfect contestants for the perfect spot. The things depend upon their rankings, how they play, runs, wickets & many more factors are there, to elect the entire unit, which makes a significant score in the match.
  3. Go with your guts. If a person is thinking that the player is not acting well, but then, again he is in the team. Rest it depends upon the person who is deciding the team, whether he/she wants that player will join and take a particular position.
  4. Check your team performance every day. It is because if the player is injured or not playing due to some reason, performance is going down & many more reasons are there. Regular inspection is there to check whether the team will perform well in the match or not.

These are some ways or tips that a person can read, and it will help them in deciding the balanced teams. The fantasy cricket app will make your day by managing your cricket abilities to earn handsome cash prizes & cashback. Proper tips & guides for how to win the matches are there to prove the real strength to be a cricket player. So if you love playing these games just visit the website and download the application now to enhance your gaming skills. No need to worry about the security issues as this platform is completely secured and safe.

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