Kitchen Island – What Is It and How Does It Add A Spark to Your Home

Kitchen Island


Most of the time, women do not find enough space to keep everything on the counter that is required for cooking any dish. In such cases, they require extra space, and nothing serves as an ideal replacement for kitchen counter tops like the kitchen island.

Kitchen Island will become complete with the addition of a chandelier above it. You can find many options in the rectangular island chandelier section today, if you visit the official webpage of Sofary Modern Lighting Services. They are one of the most opted names, when it comes to finding the right chandelier for your kitchen area.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is normally added to enhance the aesthetic value to the kitchen, in any home. Normally, the kitchen island area will be designed in rectangular shape, so that it fits perfectly with the shape of the kitchen. People even use it as the mini dining table to have their breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and even dinner.

Kitchen Island Optimization

Kitchen Island serves as an excellent addition to your kitchen, as you can optimize the complete island as per your requirement. You can either add a dishwasher in the island and also a water sink, or can make the whole unit into a mini cabinet so that you can store all your glassware in it.

Instead of cluttering the kitchen counter tops, you can take help from the kitchen island and turn it into anything you please. You can add a mini-cooler unit under the kitchen island and store your alcoholic beverages. What you wish to do with the available space under the island top is up to you.

Fitting Island into a Compact Kitchen

If you have a kitchen with not much space for addition of a kitchen island, then you can go with these options.

  • A movable kitchen island unit will become the best option for you, as you can place it anywhere you want.
  • You can add a kitchen island to the space where the kitchen counter disconnects and dining space starts. You can just tuck the bar stools inside it, when not in use.
  • Kitchen Island can be converted into a breakfast counter by placing it near the walls. It will not take up any extra space.

Avoiding Kitchen Island

Some kitchen will be designed with an open kitchen concept, and some will be designed with the “U” kitchen counter idea. Such kitchen will not need an addition of the kitchen island area, as it will make the space look cramped.

Kitchen Island Lighting Options

Finding the right lighting options is the ideal choice for making your kitchen look more pleasant. You can go with the below mentioned options to find the right lighting system for your kitchen.

White and Gold

Are you looking for a modern touch to your kitchen island? If yes, then go with the pendant chandeliers made of white and gold color.

Go Black

Some prefer matching the kitchen island lighting system with the shade of the kitchen island slab.

Kitchen island is an excellent addition to your home. Find the ideal one and make your kitchen look more pleasant.

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