Build Customer Loyalty: Email Models To Link Them

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If you think that a good loyalty strategy consists of pampering the customer and building lasting relationships, you are wrong.

It does not mean that these objectives are not part of the process, but we better leave literature.

The important thing about loyalty is getting sales, and doing it at a lower cost. Doesn’t this interest you more?

If you are looking to build a strategy to retain customers, email marketing Then follow the successful strategy of

If you are still not convinced, let the numbers seduce you.

  • Getting a new customer costs 5-10 times more than selling to an existing one. According to the Hubspot figures, you could draw energy to get two of your current customers to buy your products or services again with the effort you invest in converting a new user.
  • Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. They’ve tried your product, liked it, and are willing to re-invest in you. Sometimes a little push is necessary, and that’s when your loyalty strategy comes into play.
  • According to SEO Expert Customers impacted by email spend 138% more. Without being intrusive, if you use email marketing to remind your customers that you are still there. This way, there is a high probability that they will invest in you again.

 Are You Already Convinced?

If you are going to get down to work to define a loyalty strategy with email marketing, you need a plan.

Best seo agency in Dubai proposes 6 email models to build customer loyalty that can take you from a shy first contact with the customer to a passionate romance.

Emails To Retain Customers: The First Appointment

You have to start with something, you must build loyalty through email marketing. Do it through the following types of emails.

They are the basic kit for the first contact with a client with the potential to become an evangelizer of your brand.

1. The Welcome Email

A new client has just added to your database.

Are you seriously not going to bother sending him at least a simple email with a text to welcome him?

Customer loyalty begins from the moment the sale occurs.

Therefore, establish the first contact, and show him that the first purchase is important for your brand, thank him and welcome him to your community.

2. The Email With The Newsletter

If you don’t have time to innovate, but you don’t want your client to feel like a one night stand after a first welcome email, you can choose to create a newsletter.

Once you create the first newsletter, you will have a template that you can adapt as often as you want to make new newsletter emails.

Of course, this formula is especially relevant if your company has a content strategy or a lot of news on which you can update the customers to retain them.

Although for many clients these newsletters are a condemnation that fattens their inbox every month, for others they are a way to catch up.

3. The Congratulatory Email

Here you can start working on it a bit.

Perhaps you should not limit yourself to the classic email to congratulate Christmas and the New Year. Admit it, even you yourself trash it without any mercy.

The more information you collect from SEO Forum about your potential customers, the more you can innovate in this type of loyalty emails.

For example, if you have his date of birth, send him a personalized greeting via email and, why not, take the opportunity to give him a discount that may convince him to give himself a self-gift.

Emails To Get A Crush

You and the client are beginning to understand each other.

He already knows you, and you make sure he doesn’t forget you.

But you want to go one step further: you are tired of going behind, and you also want the client to be the one who looks for you.

You still have to work a little more to fully retain the customer, and you can start with the following ideas.

4. The Email With The Offer

Yes, the client likes to feel special and that you treat them in a personalized way.

But if they have already bought any of your products or hired your services, they may have a materialistic point. So send them an email with a fascinating offer.

5. The Email With News

Have you launched a new product? Do you have a new limited edition? Have you released a new collection?

Most likely, your clients have too many things on their minds to be aware of this. It never implies that they will not be interested. Inform them of your news through a good email.

In these cases, as is also the case in emails with an offer, the sense of urgency works: the more exclusive the news is and the less time it will be available, the faster the reaction of customers will be.

6. Email with Cross-Selling

This email can become the perfect companion to the welcome email, to a point the two can be merged into one.

If a client has just made a purchase, and you still catch him with his credit card drawn and the consumer sentiment on the surface, perhaps he will visit you again if you send him an email with a complementary product that may interest him.

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