Make Style Statement with These Trendy White Gold Diamond Ring

Make Style Statement with These Trendy White Gold Diamond Ring


There is absolutely nothing, not even a pandemic, that can stop lovers from coming together. Be it marriage, engagement or anniversary, exchanging ring has been the most classic way to embark on the new journey and make it the symbol of the special bond. Despite all the inconveniences and hurdles, you will find your social media feeds full of couples coming together to marry and embark on the new journey on the path of love.

The recent times might have changed the way of expressing love, rules of commitment and even marriage with the concept of virtual marriages taking place. But some things never change and popping the question with a ring is one such instance. Such a spectacular moment calls for a fabulous ring that will remind you of your special bond each time you see it sparkle.

With the changing dynamics of love, the trends of ring designs are also constantly shifting, and why not? After all, the customers’ style, likings and lifestyle have also taken a 360-degree turn. This post is to list and appreciate top trends in one of the most preferred engagement ring categories – White Gold Diamond Ring.

1. Solitaire White Gold Diamond Ring

Some things are constant, even in the year full of inconsistency. One such thing is solitaire rings for engagements. Solitaire white gold diamond rings are available in various sizes, shapes and colours of diamonds. Yes! If you have missed out on the news, colourful diamonds are the new trend for contemporary brides. But if you love to go for classics, then seal the deal with a colourless solitaire white gold diamond ring.

2. White Gold Diamond Ring with Heirloom Cuts

There are many brides who love to stick to their roots as they grow in new horizons of life and flaunt their penchant for the traditions and culture they belong to. Having a rich history of heirloom in India, we won’t wonder why these modern brides are still in for the traditional designs. With a few changes like switching yellow gold with white gold, you can find an ecstatic piece of white gold diamond ring that is inspired by your heirloom yet has an explicit modern style.

3. Revived Classic White Gold Diamond Ring

Revival, that is bringing back the old. Because in the world of jewels and jewellery, nothing is passé. In fact, the older it is, the rarer it is. Not to forget, the bewitching designs and intricate crafting of those rings from the past era are timeless. Why not make one such white gold diamond ring with a classic design.

4. White Gold Diamond Ring with Personal Detailing

Personalization or customization are terms you hear a lot in recent times. Brides today have their personal identity, and they love to embrace it. When it comes to engagement rings, dainty personal details like initials of the name or sun sign symbols make a large impact. With white gold diamond rings, the canvas is open to exploring whichever designs you wish to have.

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