Optimize Office Copiers and Printers with Xerox Connect Key Advantage

Optimize Office Copiers and Printers with Xerox Connect Key Advantage


If you want to go the extra mile when it comes to workplace productivity as a business owner, you should embrace smart technologies to accomplish your goal. One such smart technology is Xerox ConnectKey Advantage, and businesses that have embraced it have gained the strategic edge over their peers in the market.

Transform your office copiers and printers into virtual assistants

With Xerox ConnectKey Advantage, you can effectively transform your large office printers and copiers. It gives you the following advantages-

  1. Better customer service – There is a contact us an app where your customers can request any business service, ask for supplies, and order free Xerox Eco boxes for recycling and return of supplies. They can also render their feedback conveniently on the platform.
  1. Get automatic updates for firmware – You can get the automatic system and firmware updates. You can easily focus on the core tasks at hand and boost customer service and satisfaction. These updates will be done on mobiles, multi-functional copiers, computers, and cable boxes.
  1. The control panel is remote – You get the advantages of operating the user interface from any laptop or computer. With this feature, you can effectively train users remotely and configure settings for network systems and faxes.
  1. Set default settings in the print driver for business apps – You can use the platform to set defaults when they print from diverse apps like Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, etc. This means you do not need to adjust these settings for a specific task or file.
  1. Permissions – You get the benefits of user permissions where admins can set the access for printing features by a group or a user at any time from any application. For instance, all PPT slides should be printed uniformly with specific instruction, and the Word document files should be duplexed.
  1. Has McAfree Built in – The security feature is good as it has McAfee approved files and codes that will operate on multi-functional printers by Xerox. They are the first in the tech industry to safeguard themselves from future threats.

When it comes to the use of Xerox Connect Key Technology, you must make sure that your printers and copiers are enabled. They become valuable virtual assistants to help you grow and develop your business seamlessly. Before you decided to switch over to this technology, you must have a thorough understanding of its pros and cons.

 It is prudent for you to contact good companies that specialize in Xerox Connect Key Technology. The representatives from these companies will guide you on transforming your large office printers and copiers into virtual assistants. They will train you and ensure that you get the best solutions to your dynamic business needs. Schedule an appointment with experts from a good company to get a deeper insight into how this unique technology can add value to your business and help you gain a competitive edge in the market over your peers.

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