Difference between trademark and intellectual property – know before hiring trademark agents Canada!

Difference between trademark and intellectual property


Do you know the difference between a trademark and intellectual property? A lot of businesses fail to understand this. Due to this, such businesses have to face a lot of issues. Not having these concepts clear can result in your company losing property or rights, which you assume to be yours. Some of the companies try to register a trademark, without knowing the difference. When you do not have such an idea, it is always good to hire a reliable and registered trademark agent Canada. Gaining advice from these agencies can help in avoiding the legal problems as well as it helps in preventing the loss of your rights.

Basic information about Trademark

When it comes to trademark, you need to know there are two kinds of it, which is a registered trademark and unregistered trademark. Registered trademark offers protection throughout Canada, but the owner will have to abide by the trademark registration procedure. To get your trademark registered, you need to get in touch with the Trademark agents Canada.

An unregistered trademark is developed by using a trademark. A mark used in the businesses however, when not registered it can be termed as an unregistered trademark. The protection of an unregistered trademark is restricted to the geographic area wherein it is known. If you are the owner of the unregistered trademark your ownership is secured only till infringement is found.

Basic information about Intellectual property

Intellectual property is the wide spectrum which comprises of copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and industrial designs. All of these intellectual properties are protected through several ways.

Fundamental trademark protection is available, which requires filing a trademark application before you start using a trademark. Your industrial design as well as a patent will not be protected without proper application. Without application, there are chances of infringement. Trade secrets will be protected as far as it remains secret. Copyrights are protected as soon as the artistic work is developed. Trademark and patent agency Canada can help in formulating strategies for the protection of several kinds of intellectual property that you possess.

There is a possibility that one intellectual property is protected through more than one kind of intellectual property. For instance, distinctive artwork can be protected through copyright as well as a trademark. This is where the overlaps might take place. This whole process can be very confusing, and it is better left in the hands of a professional Canadian patent agency that handles patent, trademark, copyright, industrial designs, trade secrets, etc.

Do you want to know more about various kinds of intellectual property? Do you want to know about their coverage and protection? Well, in that case, it is always good to get in touch with a good trademark and patent agency. They are the ones that can offer the best piece of advice and knowledge about these intellectual properties. Make sure you hire a reliable and professional agency. To check out some of the best options of these agencies you can have a look at sites like Google Maps, Ourbis, and Factual.

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