How to Know When is it Time For Wheel Alignment?

How to Know When is it Time For Wheel Alignment


Different road and weather conditions can take its toll on your tyres. Wheel alignment is affected due to poorly maintained roads, hitting a curb, or driving through pot holes. Correct wheel alignment prolongs the life of tires and increases the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

What is wheel alignment?

It is the process of proper configuration in which the car’s suspension is adjusted and the wheels are aligned with the road, and made even with each other. It is an experienced mechanic who makes the adjustment using an alignment machine. So make sure that the next time your car needs wheel alignment, you book an appointment with a trusted tyre shop. Due to the fast roads in the region, tyres in UAE require good maintenance to ensure smooth and comfortable drive. Reliable online shops like offer wheel alignment services at affordable rates, so you can contact a representative at your convenience.

How to Tell if Car’s Alignment is Off?

There are some key indicators to determine that the wheel’s alignment is off. These include

  • Vibration of steering wheel. Also, it is a clear indication that the car needs alignment if the steering wheel is not centered when you are driving straight.
  • Uneven tyre wear. If the tread on any one or two tyresis wearing out fast as compared to the others then the wheels can be misaligned.
  • Tyres that squeal. While accelerating or making turns if your car’s tyres squeal then it is time to get the alignment checked.

Types of Alignment

There are three types of alignment that are commonly carried out at the car service station.

Camber Angle

Angle between the wheel and the horizontal road surface is called camber. If the top of the wheel is tilted towards the vehicle then it is considered negative camber. If tilted outwards, it is called positive camber setup. In this alignment, adjustment is made to tyre for maximum road contact. If the camber alignment is not correct it can lead to excessively worn tread.

Caster Angle

Caster Angle helps in stability, achieving balance while steering and cornering. It is the angle of the steering axis when it is viewed from the side of the car. Caster is also negative and positive, and for most cars the adjustment is made towards positive to achieve stability.

Toe Angle

This is the most common regulation when wheel alignment is performed. An angle between the two wheels, it provides steering stability and if incorrect, leads to feathering. This means that the tread can be smooth on one side and sharp on the other.

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With time wheel alignment has become more sophisticated due to the technological advancements in suspension. Dubai Tyre Shop has a state-of-the-art alignment system that ensures the customers the best services. There is a complete range of Nitto Tyres available, a quality brand for car enthusiasts. Wheel alignment services come free with every new tyre purchase, allowing the buyers a pleasant experience and premium care.

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