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restaurant management


If you are planning to start a new restaurant, or launched your venture recently, there are some essential business tools that will come handy for you. These tools are part of good restaurant management and ensure that you are not wasting time and money in the daily operations. It’s a combination of effective planning, watchful record keeping and inventory tracking, and effective management practices. Here we discuss the basics of restaurant management and how to save money and make profits in the hospitality industry.

5 Essential tools in restaurant management

Let’s check in detail the 5 tools that play an integral part in restaurant management.

Creation of business plan – A good business plan defines your business idea and how you are going to make money out of it. It should cover areas such as the niche your restaurant want to cater, the types of food or restaurant experience, how to market and advertise your restaurant and how to reach out to customers. Another important aspect is to set clear goals and objectives for a certain time period, say 5 years. It’s also necessary to compare your performance periodically against the goals set.

Design recipes with good cost margins – Try to come up with recipes that tastes great. Plating and presentation are also equally important. Calculate the cost to prepare each menu item and create a recipe that offers great value for money. Proper inventory management and waste reduction is also key to successful restaurant management.

Invest in hiring and training – Hiring good staff and training them reflects in your restaurant’s daily operations and customer satisfaction. Train your staff on portion control, the cost of each item, and ensure that they are following the best practices in inventory management. Conduct detailed training sessions and regular staff meetings. Incentivise and reward top performers and be a mentor for your employees.

Monitor and analyse sales – The profits of your restaurant will be driven by your menu prices, cost, sales and budget. Follow the latest trends in restaurant industry such as cloud kitchen and best business practices. Keep a track of your sales and optimal profit margins so you can change the menu prices accordingly. By tracking purchasing and ordering, you can easily infer where the costs are increasing.

Robust restaurant management software – To streamline your workflow and improve bottom line, all-in-one, cloud based restaurant management software likes inresto comes to your aid. It helps you in multiple areas such as billing, supply chain management, order booking, inventory management, and marketing.

Parting words

With modern day restaurant management softwares, managing sales and boosting profits have become much easier. It helps to eliminate unnecessary expenses and improve the bottom line in the long run.

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