The Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia


Have you had a plan to escape from busy day to the tropical islands where you do not make any modern technologies become your priority but you do not know where you should go? Then, if you want to fall in love with nature, then you have to come to Wakatobi Island in Indonesia. In this island, with the brightness of sun and good weather only, you still will feel calm and quiet in your days. From many destination places that had been recommended, Wakatobi is the chosen places for you who those love nature view more than anything, especially, for the underwater life. Exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia is a nice idea to enjoy your vacation in this island. There are found highly reefs in various species which will make you feel like you are in a heaven with full of underwater living species. Amazing the coral reefs and fish species is not a surprise if you come to this island.

This is what people called as a peaceful place where you can cleanse your mind from everything that makes you in a hard life. You can awe the underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia as much as you can there. It is something that will make your days much better with all the species and pure natural atmosphere. You can do many things in Wakatobi such as diving, snorkeling, or boarding boat. There are numerous coral reefs and underwater species which are being protected by local community, so you will be able to always play with them since you do not disturb them.

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If you like taking photographs while having a great vacation, and then this place is the most recommended one. You may find the objects that are rarely found in other places but you can find there. The view of underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia attracts tourist attention even only from the photo images. Since people like taking pictures when they are on vacation, then it may be great if you do the same. There are several techniques for you to take pictures of underwater beauty in Wakatobi Island.

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  • Keep on your buoyancy. It is important since there are reefs on the shallow depth. There is rich of living species and finding a bare patch there to steady your feet will be troublesome, sometimes.
  • Make numerous house reef pictures. You will have the unlimited access capturing the reefs from morning. Also, you can decide whether you want to go from the shore or go directly to the places where there are reefs. All those can be gotten after hiring a boat. It is the best chance for you to captures the underwater reefs closely.
  • Check the lens before diving. This is the important one. Both wide-angle and macro lens can be worth for you but you still should ask the guide about what something that you have to know before taking pictures to get the best one. If you want to go to Teluk Maya and Kollo Soha, it may be worth by using macro lens.

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