A Quick Overview of Equipoise

A Quick Overview of Equipoise


Boldenone undecylenate is the generic name for the steroid popularly known as Equipoise. Equipoise, or EQ for short, is often compared to Nandrolone because of their similar characteristics. Even though the properties are similar, the steroids provide differences in their mechanism of action when inside the body.

Now, interested users can choose from Boldenone undecylenate, Boldenone propionate, and Boldenone acetate. All forms of this popular steroid will have the same effect. However, their differences lie in the period of the release of the product’s active substance when paired with the blood.

Equipoise Throughout History

There are a lot of anabolic steroids on the market, but EQ is arguably one of the most popular drugs of its kind on the market. Its history dates back to the 1970s, and it was first manufactured by a company known as Squibb. It first carried the name Boldenone undecylenate, but the title was a mouthful so Equipoise or EQ was coined to make the name of the drug roll off the tongue better. The compound is compared to other hormones and steroids on the market, especially to testosterone. The main reason for its comparison is the similarity of the structure of both hormones. In fact, Equipoise is just a structurally altered version of the primary male hormone.

Uses and Effects of Equipoise

Equipoise is a steroid that’s primarily administered through the use of injections. The main ingredient can reach the body after 3 to 4-days after the drug was injected. The duration of its effects can last up to 21-days. EQ has a lower rate of armoatization as compared to many other anabolic steroids. As a result, it’s the preferred “go-to” drug for some athletes and bodybuilders. It’s even found to have a lower aromatization rate as compared to raw testosterone. However, it may include some potential side effects, but the benefits do far outweigh the negatives.

Benefits of Using Equipoise

One of the major advantages of using equipoise is its high level of tolerance for both male and female users, albeit men have a slightly higher tolerance to its influence than women. As for female users, many have already reported that the endurance to EQ is nothing short of excellent.

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Before its popularity for helping users build muscle, this particular anabolic steroid was used as a cure for osteoporosis and muscle degenerative disease. Still, the success of this drug was quite brief as a medication because people soon discovered its other uses for athletics and bodybuilding.

Positive Traits of Equipoise

One popular positive characteristic of Equipoise is its ability to give the user a higher maintenance of strength than the norm. In other words, it can enhance athletic performance, and it’s also a great maintenance drug for off-season athletes. Still, it should also be considered that the period of efficacy for this steroid is quite short. You can use it as a stack with other anabolic steroids, but do note that you can put yourself at a higher risk of acquiring additional adverse effects. Nonetheless, the value of EQ is still great when looking at the market because it gives an increase in muscular endurance and an enhanced recovery rate for the muscle tissue.

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EQ can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles, depending on the stack. Some users reported that it’s the most beneficial option to have for fat loss and building large muscle mass.

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