WhatsApp working again after a disruption!

WhatsApp working again after a disruption!


In the ancient days, the kings and even the common people communicate to the long distance people by sending messages through the pigeons. They just simply write the messages in a small metal sheet and tie with the pigeon legs. If it set to free then fly to the destination exactly without any help. In the modern century, the technologies become a part of the human beings. Few decades before there was some technology available to send the text message through the electronic device like smoke signals, carrier pigeon, messages in a bottle, telegrams, pony express, balloon mail, telephones, fax machines, pager, cell phones, instant message, and texting.

To achieve texting the messaging application are developed even videos, images, audio, files and GIF can send through the messaging application. Several messaging apps emerged in recent days with varieties of features to attract the smartphone users. Few of the apps reach many people within a short span. Among the application, WhatsApp beat all other competitors and having 1.2 billion users all over the world.

Formation of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was subsumed by Barian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 both the former employee of the Yahoo. After left from Yahoo in 2007, they applied for the job in Facebook but were rejected. After purchasing the iPhone realized the App Store better future for the applications. So he started to visit his fisherman friend Alex to discuss the application, he thought that this was not possible without an iPhone developer. Alex found a Russian developer on RentACoder.com and introduced him to Koum. He named the App WhatsApp to sound like what’s up. He subsumes the WhatsApp inc. in California, the early version of the WhatsApp often got stuck or crashed in a particular point. Due to this Koum felt like to giving up the app and search for the job. But Acton encouraged him to wait for few more months. Apple launched the push notification allowing the users to ping the person who was not used the app. The second version of the app was released with the messaging components, suddenly the active users increased to two lakh fifty thousand. Acton still unemployed managing a starts up and he decided to join the company.

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The application was eventually launched in November 2009, after beta stage for few months in the App store of the iPhone. To develop the app for the blackberry version Koum hired his friend Chris Peiffer as a developer. WhatsApp was switched from free to paid, by sending the notification test to the users. The feature of ability to send the images through the WhatsApp was released for the iPhone. Then it became one of the twenty top most apps in App Store. In 2013 there were two hundred million active users and fifty staff members. Gradually the active users were increased then the number of videos and photos sharing also increased along with the active users. India became a large number of the active users. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for nineteen million in the United States dollars.

Concerning WhatsApp

It is a free-ware and cross platform instant messaging application for the smart phones. By using the internet the users can make voice and video calls. There is beta tester option also available, if any of the Android users to become the beta tester, go to the playstore WhatsApp screen scroll down there will be the option for the beta tester. For the iPhone users the request might come from the developer. It also has the feature of status, which allows the user to upload photos and videos to a twenty-four hours life time feed visible to all the contacts in the phone.

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WhatsApp has the feature of the sharing photos, videos, GIF, location sharing, file, and keep on updating the features according to the user requirements. The new feature live location sharing option allows the users can send their location to other users with their friends whom and who are with them. While using the option the app asks the users for a duration. It allows the users to set the duration how long he/she will at that location. It helps others who like to meet the users in the location and know about users where they are moving. It also helps other to find out the users in the public spot in the crowd of public celebration.

A feature still on beta tests is an unsend message, it allows the users to revoke the sent message within five minutes if the message is read by the receiver. At least once we felt that won’t send the message in the group or personal texting. This feature helps us to revoke the messages. In the single selection we can send many photos and the video call option available from the recent updates.

Changing number in WhatsApp become easy

In WhatsApp, changing the new phone from an old phone is the somewhat tedious process, there is a chance to the leave from the group. We have to text to one of friend in the group to add us to the group. But now, we can transfers our WhatsApp data to the new phone without loss of any previous chats especially group chat.

Global outage of WhatsApp

In that case, few days before WhatsApp went offline leaving millions of users as tumult. The Facebook owned messaging app confirmed in a media statement that the WhatsApp had inaccessible. The Facebook owned service went down for few hours affecting the users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia, among the other countries. But it was unclear about issues with the eminent message servicing app. “Some people have trouble accessing WhatsApp for short period today” a spoke person from the WhatsApp said. And also added that “We apologies for the inconvenience”. But the WhatsApp did not post the cause for the issue on any social media, the complaints post on the twitter made trend in the United Kingdom.

Many users reported being able to open the WhatsApp, but not able to connect the servers there is some trouble to sending and receiving the messages. WhatsApp users post their frustration with horror like “WhatsApp goes down and the world fell apart!”, WhatsApp was down. People living in the same house/room were now communicating with each other without WhatsApp. However, there was one winner in every crisis as the iPhone users revealed their messages service, iMessage. One of the iPhone users posted their feeling in the twitter “iMessage feeling like a boss today”.


WhatsApp has gradual growth from the starts up to one of the most eminent messaging apps in the world, with billions of users over the world. There were a number of mesmerizing updates in the works. Among the most expected feature is recall the sent message within five minutes helps to avoid the awkward moment by the mistaken texts. If this feature will allow the user to “unsend” message, removing the message from the receiver phone before they had a chance to read them. Other new feature of live location sharing also more benefit feature, which helps to find out the user in the busy crowd. Being the WhatsApp as leviathan in the instant messaging platform, it not allows to sending and receiving the message for few hours. WhatsApp didn’t post the cause for the issue publicly. However, it holds the top position tightly with billions of active users

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